BPM & Blockchain

Any individual or collective activity is a sequence of tasks involving individuals, decisions and actions.

Historically called a process, this harmonious activities’ flow represents the know-how and value of a company.

The processes put in place by the companies were initially intended to manage the evolutions of the information system for end-users or to support the quality approaches and, more recently, the regulatory compliance.

Today, there is a real paradigm shift in defining performance improvement as the main goal pursued in digital transformation.

The BPM in a few words:

Business Process Management (BPM) is a managerial approach that enables an organization to ensure that its processes are implemented in an efficient and secure manner to meet the internal and external needs of customers.

It describes, represents and links processes, organizations, related information systems, key controls, performance and regulatory components.

Blockchain is a technology of storage and transmission of information, transparent, secure, and functioning without a central control organ. It makes possible to simplify a certain part of the processes. This is one of the technologies to take into account today because it already makes possible to transform certain sectors of activity.

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Presentation BPM