• General ledger
  • Accounts receivable and payable
  • Cost centers and accounting plan
  • BVR charge
  • Incoming invoice control
  • VAT bill
  • ISO 20022 payments
  • Finance and costs under control

    The XLNET3 Finance module stands out for its great flexibility of use. Cost centers and auxilliary accounts enable targeted cost control. Accounts receivable accounting can be interfaced with existing applications.

    Accounting records

    The recording program reacts according to the type of document and guides the user in entering the data; it is possible to read the BVR.
    Foreign currencies are recorded with the exchange rate of the day, otherwise fixed or directly with the entry of the amounts.
    Multiple VAT rates are possible in the same registration and the program also supports re-invoiced VAT and the cancellation of a % of the costs. Transient movements (delimitations) can be automatically dissolved.
    An import program is available for connection with other applications.

    Accounting plan

    The chart of accounts can be freely defined by the user. In addition to general accounts, cost centers and accounts can be defined; These are grouped by nature and are used to monitor projects, orders, vehicles, buildings, product lines, etc.

    Payment deadlines

    Payment schedules are available for creditors and debtors. The list of open positions is also available retroactively for revisions.révisions.


    A simple and efficient program prepares files for electronic payments in ISO 20022 format.

    Invoices check in

    Invoices can be scanned and associated with the accounting posting. An approval function with configurable quantity limits is available.