• Curriculum and skills
  • Training Management
  • Organization
  • Evaluation and objectives
  • Individual data
  • Salary revision
  • Financial relations
  • External activities
  • Management by Performance

    Organizations need to adapt themselves quickly to changes and at the same time are subject to increasingly complex legal obligations to manage. Simple tools for measuring individual performance and overall development are needed to verify achievement of objectives and compliance with rules.

    Evaluation and objectives

    Based on individual profiles and user-defined goals, this tool helps you combine employee activities with company goals and strategies.
    Customized online help from the client's own methodology allows for more objective evaluations. A flexible scoring system allows him to compare results and take corrective action.


    Planned or assigned jobs are subordinated to the units of one or several organizational structures.
    The organization chart shows actual employment and its budgeting at different levels and at different times.

    Curriculum and skills

    Standard profiles combined with collaborators and organizational units can be used as search filters. The most common application is the recording of professional knowledge (languages, work tools) and the individual training program.

    Training plans

    Depending on the needs of the company, the management of training programs can be done with little or integrate the detailed administration of schedules and participants, including estimates and final costs.

    Valorization of the data

    The statistics provided with the system are supplemented with specific improvements requested by the customer; Integration with Business Intelligence tools is facilitated by the SQL database.