• Swissdec certified
  • Activity management
  • Personal documents
  • Self-service portal
  • Variable data Import
  • Scheduled absences
  • BESTA & SWSS statistics
  • Social report
  • ISO 20022 payment
  • Salaries calculation

    With a speed of 250 employees per minute, XLNET3 is among the fastest payroll systems. Payments in CHF or foreign currency, on one or more accounts, are credited directly or through external financial institutions.

    People and collaborators

    Employee and family data are only stored once and can be searched by a person or collaborator. From one to several contracts can be associated with each collaborator.


    Scheduled absences can be recorded and taken into account if necessary in the calculation of the salary (eg Maternity leave or study leave).

    Personal file

    XLNET3 includes a simple and effective solution for organizing documents and storing them securely in your personal file.

    The customizable Word templates can be interfaced with the database to facilitate the writing and printing of contracts, work certificates and all others documents. On request, the file can be interfaced with existing document management systems.

    Forecasting and estimation

    The Payroll module includes a simple and fast prediction and estimation tool. In just a few clicks, these simulations can be implemented for all employees, by establishment, by category or according to other criteria.

    Activity planning

    Current management activities such as contract changes, medical examinations, certificate applications, etc. can be registered and assigned to employees.

    Full data registry

    All employee information, including identification and signature, is logically grouped and manageable. Tables of Swiss financial institutions and Swiss localities and neighboring nations are provided with the system.
    Six checkboxes and six character strings that can be labeled as needed are available for custom use.

    Salary types and formulas

    A complete catalog of the most common salary types and formulas is provided with the system. All legal requirements and calculation parameters are combined into a single screen, specific formulas can be integrated on request.

    Official statistics

    The BESTA statistics and the Swiss Wage Structure Survey are standard in the application.

    Self-service portal

    Access to personal data, including payment data, is possible via the self-service functions; access via intranet or via a mobile device is possible with the Mobile module (optional).